1. Medical

    Around 75% of MDIs powered by Zephex®

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  2. Refrigeration


    Klea® - a world leader in refrigerants

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  3. Automotive

    Major supplier of automotive refrigerants

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  1. Air Conditioning

    Refrigerants for manufacturers and the aftermarket

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  2. Building & Construction

    Fluorcompounds for cement, ceramic, steel and welding

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  3. Aluminum

    Optimising aluminum production

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  1. Chemicals


    One of the world's largest HF capacities

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    Key products for the nuclear and petroleum sectors

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  3. Technical Propellants

    For industrial aerosols and thermal insulation

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  1. Steel

    Improving steel production and quality

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Latest News

  1. 15th November 2017

    Mexichem unveils R404A replacement Klea® 407H

    Leading refrigerant manufacturer and supplier Mexichem has announced the launch of Klea® 407H, a lower GWP alternative to refrigerants including R404A and R507 in medium and low temperature applications. The result of a partnership with Daikin, Klea® 407H has a GWP of 1495 and in many cases can be used as a drop in solution. … Continue reading Mexichem unveils R404A replacement Klea® 407H
  2. 14th September 2017

    Mexichem Jade sponsors at this year’s Inhalation Asia

    Mexichem are proud to be Jade sponsors at the regions leading event for inhalation drug delivery specialists, Inhalation Asia in Macau, China, 13 -15 September.
  3. 2nd May 2017

    Beware the dangers of black market refrigerants

    In a recent featured article in The ACR Journal, Mexichem’s Stuart Corr, techno commercial director, discusses why counterfeit and unregulated refrigerants are such a concern for the industry. Counterfeits – imitations of branded products from reputable, original manufacturers – exist in both consumer and industry environments, but the negative implications of the latter are much more … Continue reading Beware the dangers of black market refrigerants