1. Medical

    Around 75% of MDIs powered by Zephex®

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  2. Refrigeration

    Klea® - a world leader in refrigerants

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  3. Automotive

    Major supplier of automotive refrigerants

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  1. Air Conditioning

    Refrigerants for manufacturers and the aftermarket

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  2. Building & Construction

    Fluorcompounds for cement, ceramic, steel and welding

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  3. Aluminum

    Optimising aluminum production

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  1. Chemicals


    One of the world's largest HF capacities

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  2. Energy

    Key products for the nuclear and petroleum sectors

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  3. Technical Propellants

    For industrial aerosols and thermal insulation

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  1. Steel

    Improving steel production and quality

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  2. Stationary Refrigerants

    Klea® - a world leader in refrigerants

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Latest News

  1. 13th December 2018

    152a to feature in Chemical Industry Association campaign ‘SOLUTIONS FOR OUR FUTURE’

  2. 12th December 2018

    152a promotion at DDL event in Edinburgh, UK

    The team are showcasing the benefits of 152a, the new low GWP medical propellant at this year’s DDL, Stand 512  #ddl
  3. 6th December 2017

    Zephex® Exhibits at DDL

    Zephex®, Mexichem’s leading brand of HFA medical propellants, will be exhibiting at DDL in Edinburgh from 6th – 9th December, offering insight into its recent developmental work and advice on current issues such as legislative changes. Mexichem has built on an investment program across the Zephex® business, including substantial increases in package and isotank numbers, … Continue reading Zephex® Exhibits at DDL